Fertile Hatching Parrots eggs and babies for sale

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we have some weaned hand fed tamed and well trained baby and adult parrots and their fertilized eggs for sale. we have available fresh candle tested fertile parrot eggs and parrots. we are avian breeders and we are specialized in the sales of candle tested fertile parrot eggs . we sell incubated parrot eggs of the below mention species for exotic birds and is our price listings per fertile egg . all our parrots are weaned and hand fed well socialized and have high talking abilities. we have them ranging from 3 months to 4 years old. each bird comes along with a cage and health guarantee. this is your chance to own a beautiful parrot. we are world wide shippers and we ship on door bases. we have the following species and their subspecies available now
Congo African Grey eggs
Cockatoo eggs
Macaw eggs
Eclectus eggs
Ostrich eggs
Amazon eggs
Toco Toucan eggs
Cockatiel eggs
Senegal eggs
Hawkhead Parrots eggs
Conures eggs
Ringneck parrots

Below is a list of Parrots we have for sale:

-Hyacinth macaws
-Blue & Gold Macaws
-Scarlet Macaws
-Ringneck parrots
-African Greys
-Rose Breasted Cockatoos
-Moluccan Cockatoos
-Black palm cockatoos
-Double Yellow Headed Amazon
-Yellow Nape Amazon
-Blue Front Amazon
– Hawkhead Parrots
– conures

we can guarantee full supply and perfect delivery for this species of parrot eggs that we have. we deliver in incubators and provide after sales services to first time buyers. if interested in healthy baby birds contact us for more..([email protected])
Email:([email protected])
Skype: drclarkb
whatsapp: 00237696855688

Fertile Parrots eggs and babies for sale

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